Tana Smidt

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First influenced as an undergraduate studying abroad in London, Tana found herself inspired by her surroundings.  She was drawn to the mixture of old-world architecture, and gothic spirals, and the contemporary metropolitan lifestyle.  This experience, couple with more travel and the lasting influence of her father’s passion for art and antique collecting – eventually led her to a career in interior design and to Wiseman and Gale.  Relatively new, Tana joined the firm in 2010 after receiving her degree in Interior Design from Scottsdale Community College.  When describing her design approach, Tana says “less is more,” and is attracted to elegant simplicity.  Her inspiration comes from a multitude of elements and objects in her everyday life.  Tana considers herself an interior design innovator, blending new and original patterns and textures for her clients.  She garners constant inspiration from her fellow Wiseman and Gale designers, and enjoys reading, skiing, and spending time with her family.

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